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Zelda Bryant
  • Community Events

    Weekly Drop-in Reiki Clinic w/ Midge Moran & Tanya Newton

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    10:30am-Noon, Drop In Reiki Clinic upstairs in the HEALING room. ***Please note, reiki sessions are provided on a first come/first serve in-house sign up sheet*** What is Reiki? “Rei,” meaning spirit or aura and “ki,” meaning energy, is...

    Vinyasa Flow w/ Amy Gaffney

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    12:15-1:15pm, weekly Monday, Vinyasa Flow in the FEELING room. An upbeat class designed to start the week with a midday pick-me-up and a return to conscious awareness of our divine nature. This class will offer modifications to suit all levels...

    1st & 3rd Monday, Beginner Belly Dancing w/ Karen Inella

    bliss Spiritual Co-op

    6-7 pm Every 1st & 3rd Monday, Beginner Belly Dancing; embrace the beauty of your unique shape, have fun and meet other adventurous women who aren’t afraid to let it roll. Wear comfortable yoga attire. We have hip shawls to share. Facilitator:...

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